Chiropractic & Pain Management

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Pain management means different things to different people. For many, the term pain management (PM) means stopping or alleviating pain. Yet for others with chronic conditions that have been resistant to treatment, PM means keeping the pain to a minimum and learning to live with it. Chiropractic care can offer much in regard to pain relief and the sad fact is, for people who have not tried chiropractic care, they may be loosing an opportunity for greater pain relief and quality of life.

The result of many surveys over the years show that chiropractic is underutilized by the public due to lack of understanding and a lack of referrals from other health care practitioners. One idea often discussed in chiropractic circles is the notion that chiropractic and conservative management first, medications second and surgery last. Obviously this is an over simplification but it brings out a good point. Why should more invasive procedures be used before more conservative approaches like chiropractic care?

With the addition of chiropractic services in the military and VA hospitals, time will tell how valuable chiropractic will be as an initial health care approach for pain and conservative management of various pain conditions. A number of years ago Blue Cross/ Blue Shield did a study that utilized chiropractors as primary care physicians and found that there was no greater degree of misdiagnosis as compared to their medical counterparts. And the less invasive procedures and medication saved thousands of dollars.

In regards to pain management, chiropractic care can offer a tremendous amount of pain relief and increased health and wellness. In addition, chiropractic training includes adjustments (spinal and extremity manipulation), soft tissue procedures, dietary management, nutritional consultation, exercise physiology, and other natural and non-invasive approaches. Chiropractic education and training also enables the chiropractor to diagnose, order diagnostic tests and make appropriate referrals for medical consultations and care when needed. Hospitals and other medical facilities have included chiropractic departments due to the growing demand and increased awareness by medical doctors and staff for chiropractic services.

For those of you suffering with acute and chronic pain conditions, chiropractic care can address your healthcare needs and be a vital part of your health and wellbeing. Find out more about chiropractic care. The choices you make today can result in a better tomorrow.

by Dr. Jason Nardone
TRENDS Magazine

Author: Jason Nardone

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